Easy! Be prepared by filling in the form in advance!

Are you already preparing for the ticket sales of the Slachtemarathon? Do you already have difficulties to decide what to choose? In the ticket sales we want to know a lot about you and the others you order tickets for. We made a form that you can fill in in advance with all things you have to make a decision about. If you print it out, fill it in and keep it close when ordering the tickets online, you will be able to do so quickly. Please be aware of the fact that this form is not the actual ordering form, it is a tool to help you order online.

Freonen (Friends) of the Slachtemarathon can order tickets from 23 September at 6 am. If you are not a Freon of the Slachtemarathon, you can order tickets from 30 September at 6 am.

Download the tool/form